Clash of Clans: Tips for Efficient ‘Clashing’ With an Insight on Spelldom, Space Miner Wars Feature Gameplay Elements!

Clash of Clans released by Supercell has tremendously revolutionized the world of gaming by introducing gameplay elements involving countless players fighting each other. In this game, players and teams alike, keep building and destroying bases while taking part in Clan Wars and looting. With a game as massive as this, featuring loads of interesting gameplay elements, you need some tips and tricks to keep surviving.

Firstly, in the beginning, the game will keep asking you to spend your gems to complete various tasks. For a beginner, it is confusing to understand whether this is mandatory or optional. Production is definitely a vital thing but these gems are essential for future use for boosting barracks, completing your troops in one click and so on.

The defenses must be bolstered so that your clan doesn’t face any weakness in certain panels. Always try to keep your base guarded to the maximum possible extent. Keeping yourself in a clan is essential for survival. In this manner, you keep getting new clan troops which will defend your village when attacked by a foreign player.

Also, you must definitely stay in touch with the best and senior members of your clan, like Elders, Co-Leaders and especially the Leader. This ensures that you keep receiving high-level troops and if it’s a level 5 clan, chances are you’ll notice a flame beside your clan troops most of the time. Spells are an integral part of Clash of Clans.

Lightning spell is one of the best as it allows you to bring down high-level defenses, bringing down air-defenses which make it safe for your air troops like dragons. Meanwhile, in terms of defense and offense, you need to understand how to balance both these aspects favorably.

The archer towers, mortars and cannons are all essential parts of your defense and need to be upgraded. At the same time, stressing on your mortars and wizard towers is essential as these defense elements are great at bringing down large volume units like archers, barbarians and goblins among others. After a certain percentage of your buildings are destroyed in an enemy attack, your village automatically gains a shield.

You could use this time to buff up your defenses, spend cash on walls, attack goblins, etc. You should make sure to keep a builder free in order to upgrade your walls while other builders are busy upgrading various parts of your base.

Every clasher will know how it feels to watch a defense replay where the enemy totally crumbled your base. Hence, the revenge option is best for these cases. You can plot your way of killing that base off. Trust me; Vengeance is sweeter than usual in Clash of Clans.

Meanwhile, Space Miner Wars from Venan Entertainment, which is one of the cooler games from GDC 2015. Presently, it’s in a soft launch stage in countries like Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. Space Miner, priced at $3.99, was one of the earliest games in App Store.

You can now play it in a possible early form or you could wait for the global launch, scheduled to take place soon. Reports suggest that this game has turned out to be exceptional, thanks to combination Clash of Clans raiding strategy and Space Miner Gameplay.

A cool feature of this game is flying around your enemies bases and attacking while at it. Secondly, you’ll be able to build a base in outer space! How cool is that? Childhood dream come true for sure! Meanwhile, let’s hope this game gets a good long-term response for added support and further improvements.