Suits Season 5: Donna Leaves Harvey, Mick-Rachel Will Hit Problem Areas, And More

Aron Korsh has revealed that while he is writing the first episodes of Suits Season 5, Anton Cropper is going to direct them. Korsh has said that the initial episodes of the season will be light and funny and will keep up with the general mood of the series. He joked that they are still working on Suits and how can the show get all serious!

Suits Season 5 will see Harvey trying to replace Donna and as we all know that’s not going to be an easy task. This season will also see Louis Litt moving on with a new love interest. Season 4 saw Sheila Sazs (Rachael Harris) call off her engagement with Louis. The two were perfect together, but while making her a strong woman, the creators had to sacrifice her personal life.

Harvey’s shrink in Suits Season 5 will play an important role. The no-nonsense character will try to make Harvey come to terms with his childhood traumas and commitment phobia. The season 5 promo shows a speeding Harvey and the shrink will take steps to make sure that Harvey doesn’t go off the rail.