Suits Season 5: Donna Leaves Harvey, Mick-Rachel Will Hit Problem Areas, And More

Suits Season 5 will pick from right where it ended in Season 4. Donna (Sarah Rafferty) has finally decided to leave Harvey Spectre (Gabriel Macht) after she realises that it was becoming difficult to hide her real feeling for her boss.

Harvey has always had feelings for Donna, but he has found it very difficult to speak it out or express it in anyways. With Donna deciding to move on, it seems like Harvey will hit a phase in life when he needs to stop and analyse his life.

Donna moving away to work for Louis (Rick Hoffman) will so shake up our famous legal consultant that he will be forced to visit a counsellor.

When asked, whether Donna’s decision will make Harvey come out with his real feelings for her, series creator Aaron Korsh said that it might be yes and no. He explains saying that Donna decides to move on from Harvey because she has decided that she needs to focus and take care of herself.

Although she takes steps to move on, she still doesn’t move on. If she had moved on from Harvey, she wouldn’t have decided to join another lawyer within the same firm. She hopes that her decision to leave will make Harvey sit up and evaluate her position in his life.

Donna’s decision to work for Louis will be tough on everyone at the firm, and there will be ramification. If Donna’s decision is tough on Harvey, the change is not going to be easy for Donna. She is likely to find herself in a situation where she will have to choose between Harvey and Louis.

Suits Season 5 will also pick up with the Mike (Patrick J. Adams) and Rachel (Meghan Markle) relationship. Mike had surprised Rachel before popping the question, and she had readily agreed to it. Korsh, however, had made it evident that things will not be good for the young couple with issues cropping up in their relationship. Mike gets into a legal case with Rachel’s father, Robert Zane (Wendell Pierce), and this is going to be a major issue in their relationship.