Final Fantasy 15 Will Feature Female Characters and Enhanced Real-Time Combat System, More Details

Major fans of the Final Fantasy franchise have already discovered that the fifteenth installment will mainly feature male characters. It has been deduced from the teaser and gameplay trailer of Final Fantasy 15, known as Episode Duscae. It signifies the new direction in which this long-running, popular franchise is heading. Meanwhile, Hajime Tabata clarified that the 15th installment will include female characters although they will guest party members only. The upcoming game will feature an all-male group, but female characters will be present through this aspect.

Tabata revealed on Famitsu and Gematsu that it’s possible for female characters to join the party as guests. However, Final Fantasy 15 is an all-male party, and the introduction of female characters will change their behavior. During an interview with Gamespot, the Director further explained why the franchise will be heading towards a new direction with its all-male cast. Tabata declared that the upcoming game will focus on war, and the presence of an all-male ensemble is more approachable for players.

According to popular reports, Square Enix will introduce a twist on the term ‘bromance’ for this title. Tabata reports that journey of the game’s central character will have every party members adopt a ‘boys will be boys’ outlook. The world is ready to see how the boys look when the girls aren’t around. It might focus on how the boys emerge all prim and proper out of their tents.

Tabata states that gamers will feel a certain connection or bond develop between them and the four characters. However, Square Enix hasn’t revealed any official information regarding the release date of this game. Thankfully, fans are hoping for a year-end release since the game is rumored to be more than halfway in development.

Meanwhile, Final Fantasy 15 will handle combat in a much different manner compared to the earlier games in this franchise. In the beginning, you have to control the main character, Noctis. In Final Fantasy XIII, you will notice the same limitation but after a certain point, the game allows you to switch between leaders, effectively changing the character you control.