Final Fantasy 15 Will Feature Female Characters and Enhanced Real-Time Combat System, More Details

In Final Fantasy 15, you will be able to change the equipment carried by your party members but you will not be able to change the character you control. The decision can seem cruel at first but in reality, it is quite justified. When fights break out in real time, you will find it difficult to switch between various characters, besides juggling a variety of essential commands. In the PlayStation 4, Noctis will attack freely when you hold down the square button and continue attacking until you’ve let go. You will notice a similar feature during defense while holding down the L1 button.

Noctis will dodge in the last moment if an enemy attacks while you are defending. After you have successfully dodged an incoming attack, you gain a chance to parry if the enemy has a claw-looking icon over their head. In the equipment menu, you can change the various weapons using which Noctis attacks.

Each of the weapons comes with a special action, and you will need to use the directional pad in order to cycle through them while engaged in combat. In the Graphical aspect, Final Fantasy 15 will keep you engaged with its wowing visuals. At times, the game’s art can be so splendid that the PS4 will start struggling with it!

Stay tuned for more updates on Final Fantasy 15!