Suits Season 5: Cast Details, Plot Rumors and More Details

There are reports that actor Gabriel Macht, who plays the role of Harvey Spectre in the show, would want to change his job sometimes, even though he enjoys acting. When he was asked if he thinks that he could be a lawyer, now that he had been playing one so convincingly for a long time, he refused it.

Apart from Harvey-Donna angle, Season 5 of Suits will also deal with Mike-Rachel relationship and deal with problems that the newly engaged couple has to face before they can see their relationship culminate into a grand wedding.

Macht said that his mother had always wanted him to be one and he had fulfilled half her dreams by being one on television. He said that had been a lawyer in real life, he would have been like Mike in Suits Season 5, a complete fraud. He said that Suits makes the world of law appear way better than it really is and real-life lawyers have appreciated their work.

Suits Season 5 is going to come back to USA Network on 25th June.