Suits Season 5: Cast Details, Plot Rumors and More Details

Suits Season 5 will see former NBA star Charles Barkley make a guest appearance in the third episode. The NBA star had revealed that he was a huge fan of Suits while on his show Inside NBA, where he is a basketball analyst.

When Aaron Kosch, the director of the successful series heard about this, he decided to offer the basketball player a chance to make a cameo. Barkley couldn’t refuse the offer to make a special appearance in his favourite show. He said that he would take this offer even if he doesn’t have an off from his own show.

Charles Barkley will be coming in to Suits Season 5 as a client of Spectre Pearson Litt. He will be called in to help Harvey deal a problem that he has created for himself with another law firm. The two will supposedly have a heartfelt discussion while out on a client-partner outing and Barkley might help Harvey realise his feelings for Donna.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Charles Barkley is excited about his new venture off court and is waiting to head to Toronto to shoot with his favourite Harvey Spectre in Suits Season 5. Aaron Korsh, on the other hand has said that the real deal clincher was for the production team to get the deal with the former NBA legend.

Apart from Barkley, Suits Season 5 will also see another new face. Christina Cole is all set to make her debut in Suits in the role of Harvard educated psychiatrist Dr. Paula Agard. She will be doing corporate consulting Harvey and his team and will be the new force in his life, who will make him come in terms with his relationship issues and try to get back Donna.

Suits Season 5 will pick up from it had ended in the previous episode- Donna leaving Harvey and going on to join Litt as his secretary, speaking out her feelings for Harvey. Donna was the one who kept Harvey together and with her gone, Harvey feels lost. Suits Season 5 will show how he tackles with this loss and tries to come to terms with it and rectify his mistakes.