Fallout 4: Fans Hopeful That E3 Will Release Trailer, New Merchandize, And More

From the very beginning of 2015, gamers have been eagerly waiting for the games which are yet to be announced by their makers. The one game that has kept almost every gamers at the edge of their seat is the Fallout 4. Gaming freaks are waiting to hear from Bethesda at the June E3 to find out facts and figures about Fallout 4.

There have been reports that suggest Fallout 4 is going to see the day light. Gaming publications have been talking about different kinds of leaks that the company has let out in the recent past. With news coming from a LinkedIn profile to other sources the game does seem to be in the developing stage.

According to sources it is Guillermo Del Toro Corporation which has crafted and prepared the cinematic trailer for Bethesda’s Fallout 4. This is not all, we also hear the fact that Bethesda has close to 40 minutes of gameplay, which it might be showing off on stage at the E3 conference.

There are contradicting reports that hint that there will be no gameplay shown at the upcoming E3. There have been news about the cinematic trailers being prepared by Miranda Studios a company owned by Del Toro. Unfortunately no news about a trailer of the gameplay has been heard off. It is more likely that Bethesda is going to continue their tight-lipped attitude towards any information about the much awaited Fallout 4.

Gaming experts say that if E3 shows only the cinematic trailer, it will be unfair to the loyal fans of the Fallout series who have patiently been waiting to hear about the game and see the first glimpse of it. This will certainly not satisfy the fans of the Fallout series.

With speculations over Fallout 4 being launched at E3 2015, the other good news for the Fallout fans is the new accessories that the company has come out with. The latest merchandize is of solid silver which comes with a black medallion.  According to Ubergizmo, the accessory is over an inch when measured over the diameter. The report also suggests this merchandize to be seen as a hint of the upcoming video game title. Bethesda has named this merchandize as “Brotherhood of steel neckless”.