Fallout 4: Fans Hopeful That E3 Will Release Trailer, New Merchandize, And More

The Brotherhood neckless set comes for $110. The set is available for pre-booking and is expected date of delivery surprisingly coincides with the date when E3 comes to an end – June 30. After a long patient wait the fans have heard that Bethesda will be at E3 showcasing their Fallout 4 on June 14 in the Dolby theatre. The expected time for the same is 6:30 pm.

Sources also suggest that it will just not be Fallout 4 for which the developers will reveal the release date. Elder Scrolls 6 can also have its release date revealed.

With all the news around and the company keeping an absolutely tight-lipped approach, the fans have no option, but to wait until the E3 begins, rather until 14th June when Bethesda will take the stage, to hear about the upcoming game. It will be worth a wait to see whether the company comes out with the gameplay or they wrap the show up with just the cinematic trailer.