Ariana Grande: Back With Nathan Sykes? Offer for Collaborations!

Ariana Grande’s breakup with Big Sean is all over the media. The two were once the cutest couple in the music industry, trading photos and making mushy public appearance and the Justin Bieber appearance at Ariana Grande’s Honeymoon Tour happened, and things started to spiral downhill for the two.

Following her break up with Big Sean, there was rumor that Grande is planning to move on with her ex, Nathan Sykes. Sykes was heard talking about being single and it felt like that he was open to a relationship and blamed his break up with Ariana Grande to the busy schedule the two had.

Recently there were rumors that the former band member of The Wanted had penned down his new track Kiss Me Quick, for his former lady-love. The latest music video for the song is winning a lot of accolades and fans are of the opinion that with Big Sean out of the scene, Nathan Sykes, might be out wooing Ariana Grande.

The song talks about a girl that the singer just can’t seem to get out of his mind. In th song, the singer asks the girl to come and hold him and help him up because he is down and there is no one there for him, but she and urges her to come and kiss him quick. The lyrics and the recent interviews make the fans believe that the song is for Arian Grande.

In an interview to MTV, the 22 year old British singer has said that most of the songs for his new album are about being in love and being in a relationship. Fans are going o find it funny that he is writing about love songs, when he himself is sadly single!

Ariana Grande and Nathan Sykes dated for a few months in the last part of 2013. Nathan had revealed to Wonderwall that things didn’t work out between him and Ariana Grande because of the long distance thing and also with the hectic schedule. There are some things in life that just doesn’t work out.