The Blacklist Season 3: Liz Runs From The FBI, Will Tom Help Her Out? What is on Reddington’s Mind? And More News

The Blacklist Season 3 is something that the fans are eagerly waiting for since the season 2 finale. The episode answered a lot of questions, but also gave new questions for the fans to think upon.

In an interview to Zap2It, Megan Boone has said that the final episode of The Blacklist Season 2 has changed the upcoming season 3 in a way where the characters will remain the same, but it will be a completely new story that the fans will witness.

The Blacklist Season 2 came to an end showing that Liz and Reddington are on a run and Copper being booted by the FBI. Cooper is shown replaced by Agent Donald Ressler. Tom Keen is still undecided about his stand. He is in two minds about whether he should join Reddington and Liz on the run or turn up to the FBI to help chase the duo down.

According to Boone, the aspects of the show are going to change in a big way in The Blacklist Season 3. With Liz running out of her limits and desperately trying to clear her name while on a run from the FBI will definitely force the fans to rethink the way they had thought the story will shape up. The plot will be reworked and there will be a completely different pacing method used for the upcoming season.

Boone has also stated the fact that while telecasting 22 episodes a year, it is important to have a set formula to work upon. This time for The Blacklist Season 3, the showrunners have decided to break out of their set formulas.

Reports from Entertainment Weekly suggest that with the change in the formula of the show, will do well to Boone and her character, Liz. The character was not being appreciated with the audience much as compared to James Spader’s Reddington. The character of Liz will be given a new dimension in The Blacklist Season 3 to appeal to the audience of the popular series.

There are speculations that Liz will have more action revolving around her and that the trajectory of her character will become clear in this upcoming season. Fans can also expect to see a clearer relation between Red and Liz. With Liz understanding the fact as to why Red was so determined to protect her all the time, things on that end will also be explored.

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  1. Tom will work with the FBI so he can drive around a new car. If he does the Major may be after him and will he be playing an undercover game anyway? Tom has always wanted to divide Liz and Reddington. Has that changed? Will it work now she is starting to except Reddington in the personal sense. That sense governs Liz so we are on to the warts and all phase because she knows enough about his dealings now. I guess that scar will have to go. Leave her eyes alone. It has been on the net since May. Why would you mess with them? Most hair colors will suit her and there is always glasses. You are now going to have to learn to really shoot Lizzie and not just part of an FBI task force.

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