Suits Season 5: Adams Talks About His Character’s Fate, Aaron Korsh Talks About His Plans For The Upcoming Episodes!

USA Network reportedly conducted a poll to find out who the fans believe would be responsible for the secret of Mike coming out clean, resulting in him going to prison. Majority of the fans feel that it is Claire who will be responsible for this fate of Mike. Following Claire is Laura (Megan Gallagher) and then Trevor (Tom Lipinsk).

Aaron Korsh informed TV Guide that there is a long list of people who might be responsible for the secret coming out. Korsh said that over the course of time. The secret that Mike Ross had been trying to hide was that he isn’t a lawyer. Mike never appeared for the bar exam and neither did he go to a law school. However, he became a lawyer with his eidetic.

Aaron Korsh said that he wasn’t keen on the identity of the person. What was more important was how Mike would get out of the mess. He said that there are chances that viewers will not be surprised when they finally realize who the person is when Suits Season 5 returns in January.

The other thing that Suits Season 5 is going to deal with is the consequence of Mike’s arrest on the law firm Pearson Specter Litt. Mike was also set to get married to Rachel that will definitely be on hold because he was arrested, but to the relief of the fans, Rachel will be there with Mike and will be supportive.

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