The Spiderman in Civil War Will be quite different from the Other Film Spideys!

The directors of the upcoming movie Captain America: Civil War, Anthony and John Russo think that the other film versions of Spiderman were not bad at all but they are adamant about changing a lot of things about his character in the upcoming movie.

The directors spoke to and talked about how the Spiderman in Civil War will be different from his other portrayals. Joe Russo declared that they took a very personal approach to the character. Growing up, he was his favorite comic book character and the idea of introducing him to the screen was a complete dream comes true.

Anthony stated that they are bringing Spiderman into the movie belonging to the Captain America Universe, which is a specific tonal stylistic world. According to him, it is a little more grounded while being a little more hardcore contemporary in nature. Spiderman usually lives in a colorful, comic-book based world and the duo are actually pulling him out of it.

They are grounding him in the world that we live in. According to them, this will make the experience of watching him more passionate and also better-rounded. At the same time, it was quite important for Russos to cast a teenage actor. In the previous films, adults played a high-schooler but in Civil War, the directors wanted more authenticity in his casting.

This includes the energy and insecurity that you should find in a teenager. The brothers also revealed that shocking things are going to take place in the movie besides Spidey.

In Civil War, Marvel fans will get to witness the beginning of a profound experience in the Marvel Universe. We will get to see Captain America: Civil War on 6th May, 2016 and Chris Evans will be playing the Captain himself.

Meanwhile, the inclusion of Spiderman in the upcoming Marvel film might be a terrible thing for American culture, claims Things start with the thought-provoking observation made by New York Times columnist Ross Douthat.

He commented on the fact that the first Back to The Future movie was a great hit because it illustrated and highlighted the massive culture evolution which took place between the 1950s to the 1980s.

He writes, “In the original Back to the Future, Marty McFly invaded his father’s sleep dressed as ‘Darth Vader from the planet Vulcan.’

Thirty years later, the biggest blockbuster of 2015 promises to be about . . . Darth Vader’s grandchildren. It will be directed by a filmmaker who’s coming off rebooting . . . Star Trek. And the wider cinematic landscape is defined by . . . the recycling of comic-book properties developed between the 1940s and the 1970s.”

The creative staleness will reach a breakneck momentum with the release of the upcoming Spiderman movie.The first blockbuster Spiderman movie was released back in 2002 and it was followed by two successful films.

There are some who might talk about the quality of Spiderman 3 but keep in mind that it was the highest grossing film of 2007. Sadly, Sony’s deadline for Spiderman 4 was not met by Sam Raimi and this resulted in the franchise being rebooted in 2012, into The Amazing Spiderman.

According to, The Amazing Spiderman is nothing more than a rip-off of the original Spiderman movie of 2002. If you change Green Goblin with The Lizard, Mary-Jane Watson with Gwen Stacy along with a few other minor characters, the movie will be the same to the one released in 2002.

Meanwhile, The Amazing Spiderman beat American Sniper as the highest grossing movie of 2014 and this further gave rise to an independent cinematic universe which could compete with the Marvel and DC cinematic counterparts. However, the movie was considered to be a disappointment and as a result, the characters are being rebooted again.