Suits Season 5: Adams Talks About His Character’s Fate, Aaron Korsh Talks About His Plans For The Upcoming Episodes!

With January upon us, the second half of Suits Season 5 is just around the corner. The first half of Season 5 ended with a major cliffhanger and since then fans have been waiting for the show to come back since it is set to address what’s in store for Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adam) next.

International Business Times quoted that Patrick J. Adams is very keen on seeing how things will turn out for his character when the second half of Suits Season 5 returns. Patrick J. Adams said that this was something that the whole cast and crew of Suits knew was coming their way ever since they walked into Mike’s big secret and he feels excited to find out how it’ll finally turn out for Mike.

Adams confessed that he thought that there was scope to explore this side of the plot in the previous seasons. He sometimes felt that they were stretching the secret way too long and things often became very dull for the character of Mike. He added that even he used to get bored with the way things had been going on for Mike, but he always tried to make his character interesting for the sake of the fans.

Patrick J. Adams told Design & Trend that as an actor, it is his duty to bring something new to the table when it comes to his character in a series. He said that Suits was his first job as an actor and he has learnt a lot in the process over the course of five seasons.

Adams told the tabloid that he is trying to be more proactive in the whole process. He is giving new ideas to the director and also planning to direct episodes in the upcoming seasons of Suits Season 5.

Suits Season 5 will see Mike facing Anita Gibson, played by Leslie Hope, who will make his time behind bars a tough one. She isn’t going to show any sympathies and will see Mike as a hard core criminal from the time she starts handling his case.

She blames him and says that he had been committing a crime every time he signed his name, appeared in the court to fight a case, or even answered a telephone. She says that Mike might not appear to have harmed anyone, but he is a fraudster and he shouldn’t hope for a bail anytime soon, no matter how powerful his friends were.

This makes things rather difficult for Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) who is going to do everything he can to save his friend and make sure that he is out of the prison. While this remains something to watch out for, what the fans are mainly looking for in Suits Season 5 is who was responsible for spilling out Mike Ross’s secret.

There has been a lot of speculation about who is that has spilled Mike’s secret. One of the top contenders seems to be Claire (Troian Bellisario), who was Mike’s former lover. It might be jealousy that is driving her to blurt out his secret.

Mike is set to marry Rachel (Meghan Markle) and this might be Claire’s way to stop the two of them from coming together. The other person who might cause trouble for Mike is his former friend Trevor (Tom Lipinski).