Grimm: Eve Set to Cause Much Drama in The Coming Episodes, Nick and Eve Face Each Other!

The viewers are all fixated on the character of Eve played by Bitsie Tulloch. Eve is a completely new character, but since she looks like Juliette fans are still holding on to the idea that she is back for good. This sudden twist in the end of Grimm Season 5 midseason finale is the hot topic now.

Bitsie Tulloch has made it clear that the character is not the Juliette that fans knew and were so fond of. This new character is Eve and she wears wigs and skin tight leather so that she can hide her identity from all those who know Juliette.

They know that she is dead and she cannot be seen roaming around with a face that is similar to hers.

David Greenwalt, the show creator of Grimm has informed Movie Pilot that Eve is being used by the Hadrian Wall as a Hexenbiest weapon and will play a very important role in Wesen uprising where she will fight against the Black Claw. The war will be the main focus of the series when Grimm Season 5 returns.

Fans had speculated a long time back that Juliette is set to be back for the latter part of Season 5, but this had been denied by the showrunners David Greenwalt and James Kouf.

The fans started the speculation after Bitsie Tulloch was spotted at the 100th episode celebration with the rest of the cast and crew. It seemed rather odd that she would be a part of the cast members when her role in Season 5 of Grimm had already ended.

The fans were almost giving up on their hope when the midseason finale of Grimm Season 5 happened. Eve’s entry was a complete shock for the fans.

There was a figure who came in from the shadows and saved Nick (David Giuntoli) from the Black Claw. The moment the figure came into light, Nick and the audience couldn’t believe what they were seeing- Juliette.

There was a lot of excitement after the finale of the first half of Season 5 of Grimm since fans were happy that Juliette was back irrespective of what the showrunners had been telling them and this is when the showrunners had to again issue statements clearing the fact that Juliette is still dead.

She is coming back, but the character only looks like her, but there is nothing Juliette inside Eve. Eve has been trained and brainwashed and she is extremely tough because of her training. However, things will not be that easy for Eve and neither will it for Nick.

Nick has still not been able to accept the fact that Juliette is dead and even though he is trying to make things work out between him and Adalind (Claire Coffee).

Nick and Adalind can’t escape the possibility of having a life together since they have a child. Things were just starting to work out with them when Juliette returns from the dead as Eve.

TV Line reported Greenwalt stating that Nick and Adalind will not have their happy ending anytime soon since there are lots of complications that will come their way and hinder their relationship from progressing in a positive direction.

Nick has been making conscious efforts to make things work out with his enemy, Adalind because of their baby. Their relationship has been improving and viewers could see in the later episodes of Grimm Season 5 that there was a friendship developing between them.

However, deep within, Nick still misses Juliette and hasn’t been able to cope with the fact that Juliette became a hexenbiest.