Grimm: Eve Set to Cause Much Drama in The Coming Episodes, Nick and Eve Face Each Other!

To make matters more complex in the second half of Grimm Season 5, Eve might not have any element of Juliette in her, but she still has Juliette’s memories! David Greenwalt has teased that there is going to be a scene where the old lovers unite.

Nick realizes that this isn’t Juliette, but it isn’t going to be easy seeing his love back from the dead. Eve on her part doesn’t feel anything for Nick because for her Juliette is dead and so is that part of her life.

Wesen Nacht had completely shocked the fans and as if they hadn’t been enough, Grimm Season 5 midseason premiere will open with the episode Eve of Destruction. Nick and his gang have the Wesen war to deal with and now they also have to contend with the fact that Juliette has returned.

Greenwalt has also informed that Eve is going to be a part of every episode after Season 5 midseason is back. This means there will be more drama and more action. According to Enstarz, Nick will not be alone in his fight. He will have Trubel (Jacqueline Toboni) teaming up with him.

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