Storyline Might Go Beyond Breaking Bad In Better Call Saul Season 3, Will Jesse Pinkman And Gus Fring Return? Let’s See

Earlier in May, Andy Richter, a popular comedian, expressed his interest in starring in Better Call Saul. Richter even went out and tweeted that he misses Better Call Saul. A lot of his fans along with Better Call Saul fans, responded, saying that they agree with him.

Fabian re-tweeted Richter’s message, saying that Season 3 will be done soon. According to the latest predictions and theories, Season 3 won’t be coming before next year.

There are various things that fans wish to see in Better Call Saul Season 3. Will we finally get to know more about Gus Fring in the upcoming season? From the looks of it, he will be joining early next season. Next question involves the appearance of Jesse Pinkman.

Jesse was involved in the meth game, a long time before Walter ever laid foot in the drug world. Therefore, it would be logical to introduce Pinkman in the upcoming season. In season 2, when Chuck was getting a CAT scan, Gilligan revealed that Marie Schrader’s character was very close to making a cameo appearance.

What are your thoughts on Better Call Saul Season 3? Stay tuned for more updates!