2016 Apple MacBook Pro Likely to Release During the Fourth Quarter of 2016, Expected to Pack an OLED Display Bar!

A number of rumors regarding the 2016 Apple MacBook Pro have been doing rounds on the internet for quite some time. The latest batch suggests that the device might be unveiled during the last quarter of the ongoing year.

It is being rumored that the device will be thinner and lighter than the MacBook that was released in the previous year. Renowned security analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is of the opinion that the device will be loaded with a Touch ID Fingerprint sensor.

An OLED display touch bar might also be a part of the device. If indeed it is included in the 2016 Apple MacBook Pro, it will most probably be placed above its keyboard. In that case, the physical function keys that are placed in that place will no longer be situated there. They will essentially be replaced by the touch bar.

Apple had applied for a patent for a similar idea back in 2011. Experts are of the opinion that the OLED touch bar will come in handy for users as it would display only those buttons which are required by a user while doing a particular piece of task on the device. It would work towards saving space and increasing work efficiency.

It is a known fact that both Lenovo and Razer have already started incorporating the OLED display bar in their laptops. In that context, it is highly likely that Apple too will be doing the same with their next MacBook Pro device so that it does not lag behind in any way when compared to the other high-end laptops in the market.

The Touch ID Fingerprint sensor will allow users to unlock the device in a similar manner in which people unlock their iPhones. Apple has been using this technology in the iPhones for quite some time and it adds an extra layer of security to devices.

The idea of its inclusion in the upcoming device seems a logical one as Apple reportedly has a high volume of supply for this particular piece of technology. Some experts state that Apple would link the technology in the upcoming device to Apple Pay. This would enable users to easily make payments for online transactions.

Butterfly-hinged keyboards are also on the cards as far as the device is concerned. Apparently, this type of hinges would allow the developers to make the device thinner and lighter compared to its predecessors. It might also be created with metal injection molded hinges. The 2016 Apple MacBook Pro will come with the support for USB Type-C and Thunderbolt 3.

Various reports state that two models of MacBook Pro will be rolled out to the market within the ongoing year. It has also been reported that Apple might introduce two more MacBook models along with the MacBook Pro. These two models will have the sizes of 12-inch and 13-inch respectively.

Among all the MacBook devices that will be rolled out within the ongoing year, the MacBook Pro will be the one that will be most advanced and also the costliest.

The MacBook Air which also might be unveiled during the current year will have a lower price compared to the MacBook Pro. It will also be slightly inferior in terms of technical aspects compared to the Pro lineup.

Under its hood, the 2016 MacBook Pro will most likely boast the latest Skylake processors from the house of Intel. The advanced processor might be coupled with the 400 series Polaris graphics chips manufactured by AMD.

The two models of the 2016 MacBook Pro that will be introduced will come with two different screen sizes of 15-inch and 13-inch. Both the devices will sport retina displays that are generally seen in such kind of devices from Apple. The screen will most likely have a resolution of 2304 x 1440 pixels.