Storyline Might Go Beyond Breaking Bad In Better Call Saul Season 3, Will Jesse Pinkman And Gus Fring Return? Let’s See

Season 2 of Better Call Saul has been running successfully and from the looks of it, fans should get to know more about the Breaking Bad world in Season 3.

For those of you who are not aware, Better Call Saul began as a prequel spin-off to the highly popular and world famous Breaking Bad. In this spin-off, BB fans get to follow the story of Jimmy McGill, who is known by the name Saul Goodman.

The story tells us about how he finally ends up as a morally compromised lawyer. Meanwhile, creators of both the shows didn’t really expect so many positive reviews from the audience. According to Den of Geek, there are is a lot more coming, in the Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul universe.

Vulture Festival reported that the co-creators, Peter Gould, and Vince Gilligan, have issued hints regarding the story to be continued beyond the Breaking Bad timeline. Bryan Cranston played the role of infamous Walter White in Breaking Bad and the co-creators were asked whether the characters enjoyed their happy endings after his death.

Gould declared that he doesn’t think anything is pre-determined. In Breaking Bad, they had a story that was set up right from the beginning, where Mr. Chips turns into Scarface. In Better Call Saul, Jimmy McGill turns into Saul Goodman. This is more of a different kind of journey rather than an extreme one.

According to the latest reports, the upcoming Season 3 of Better Call Saul will have original characters from Breaking Bad. There has been excitement regarding a rumor suggesting that Gus Fring will be joining the party. Fans simply cannot wait for new Season 3 episodes of Better Call Saul, to be released.

However, in case you are a fan, you will have to wait till next year in order to catch new episodes. Howard Hamlin’s character in Better Call Saul is played by Patrick Fabian and according to him, they are doing their best to bring back Saul and the remaining crew back to small screen. A fan expressed his longing for Better Call Saul and Hamlin tweeted they will get Season 3 done for us as soon as possible.

Fans believe that this will turn into something more concrete in the future. Season 3 will introduce many more characters to Better Call Saul, specifically the ones who are responsible for the evil transformation of Jimmy McGill. In the season finale of Better Call Saul, it was clear that Gus was the one who left the note on Mike’s car windshield.

According to the latest rumors, Gus Fring will be making more appearances. However, people are longing for Jesse Pinkman, played by Aaron Paul. He was the one who introduced Bryan Cranston’s Walter White, to Saul Goodman. This further led him to the path of evil. Earlier this year, Paul told Variety that he is looking forward to getting involved.

Things are yet to be confirmed but he is certainly open to this idea. He further added that he doesn’t know when that will be. Paul is currently busy with the new Hulu series, named The Path. However if the deal is sealed fast enough, Aaron Paul’s return as Jesse Pinkman will be a major treat for fans watching Better Call Saul Season 3.

Better Call Saul Season 2 ended on a major cliffhanger and fans are simply waiting for the show to return. According to previous reports, this series will return in January next year, based on the last two season premiere dates. In the meantime, Patrick Fabian has reported that they will get the series ready for release as soon as possible.