Jennifer Lawrence to Return as Mystique Only If Co-Starts Return Too, held at Airport for Not Being Able to Provide Work Visa

Jennifer Lawrence is an American actress who was born on August 15, 1990. Her first outing as an actress was for a television show named The Bill Engvall Show. The actress is renowned for her roles in The Hunger Games series of movies.

The recently released movie- X-Men: Apocalypse saw her in the role of an X-Man- Mystique. However, this was not her first rodeo in an X-Men film. Back in 2011, she had appeared in another X-Men movie which was titled- X-Men: First Class.

It has just come to light that deal that he had signed with Fox Studios will be coming to an end within the ongoing month. The deals of some other actors with Fox who were present in X-Men: First Class and X-Men: Apocalypse are too coming to an end in May.

The list includes- Michael Fassbender, Nicholas Hoult and James McAvoy. It should be mentioned here that Michael Fassbender portrayed the role of the X-Man Magneto in both First Class and Apocalypse.

James McAvoy was Professor X and Nicholas Hoult was Beast in both the movies. These three actors along with Jennifer Lawrence have decided that they will not renew their contract with Fox Studious until and unless the company aggress to cast all of them in the X-Men movies that will be released consequently by the studio.

Mystique herself gave confirmation to this matter and she also joked that Fox should be terrified because of the deal that the four actors have made about not re-signing if they are not cast together in the next X-Men movies.

Jennifer Lawrence had previously stated that she does not like the whole process of body painting required for the portrayal of the role of Mystique. This sparked speculation that her outing as the blue X-Man in X-Men: Apocalypse might be the last one for her.

That being said, she also recently stated that she would be glad to come back and reprise the role of Mystique for future X-Men movies. she added that she had much love for the character as well as her fans.

Jennifer Lawrence also stated that she had managed to grab Nicholas Hoult’s phone during the shooting of X-Men: Apocalypse and posted a rather hilarious message in a group of which Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy and Josh Helman were the other members.

According to Lawrence,she posed as Nicolas and posted– “Guys, this is super embarrassing’ — and I knew how to kind of write like Nick. And I was like, ‘I know this sounds silly, this is really embarrassing but, have you guys ever, like — god this is so embarrassing — lactated from your nipples?”

She revealed that James McAvoy suggested Nicholas to go see a doctor after reading the message. However, Michael Fassbender was a bit grimmer about the matter and he just stated that Nicholas lactating from the nipples had nothing to do with anything. Lawrence stated that she was much amused by the replies of both the actors.

It has come to light that Jennifer Lawrence hatched the idea of a punching-game while shooting for The Hunger Games movies and she decided to introduce the same to the sets of X-Men: Apocalypse. It is a game that involves everyone punching everyone with some rules and complications thrown in.

She stated that the game took a brutal turn when it was introduced by her on the sets of Apocalypse. It was revealed by her that the game that she played on the sets of Hunger Games was not brutal as none of the players were trying to hit each other in a hard way.

However, when she decided to play the same game with James McAvoy, Oscar Isaacs, Michael Fassbender, Hugh Jackman and Simon Kinberg, it turned into a brutal game as everyone was punching each other really hard!