Jennifer Lawrence to Return as Mystique Only If Co-Starts Return Too, held at Airport for Not Being Able to Provide Work Visa

Apparently, James McAvoy got a bruise on his arm from one of the punches and Simon Kinberg had his lenses knocked during the game. The game escalated so much that it was eventually stopped. Lawrence admitted that the game is her brain child. However, she added that she was not responsible for the brutal turn that it took.

Ageing is one of the deepest concerns of most actress from all over the world. However, Jennifer Lawrence is not the one to belong to that group. Apparently, the X-Men famed actress is of the opinion that decaying over time is a natural process and she is completely at peace with it.

She added that if she always tries to look younger than she actually is, she will not be able to remain happy in her life.

Lawrence revealed that six years ago she was once held at the British Airport for a matter related to her Visa. Apparently, she failed to acquire a work Visa when she wanted to go to London to meet the director of X-Men: First Class-Matthew Vaughn.

She added that she was held for six hours by custom officers at the airports and she spent the time in a “tiny jail”, in her own words.

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