Latest Rumors and Updates On GTA 6, Rockstar Might Reveal Details About the Game at The E3 2016, Features Osama Bin Laden!

GTA 6 is going to be the next addition to the popular Grand Theft Auto franchise of video games. Fans have been eagerly anticipating the release of the game for quite some time now. However, Rockstar has abstained from divulging any concrete details regarding the game as of yet.

Various reports pertaining to the long anticipated game suggest that it might not see the light of the day before 2018. The reason behind this could be accounted for the fact that Rockstar has been maintaining a 5-year gap between each GTA game.

It is known that GTA 4 was rolled out in 2008 and GTA 5 hit the market in 2013. As can be seen, there has been a 5-year space between the release of the above-mentioned titles. Keeping that in mind, if indeed the developers follow the same pattern with GTA 6, it is unlikely that it will be rolled out before 2018.

That being said, there is also the possibility that the developers decide to push the release date even further back. In that case, fans might not be able to get their hands on a new GTA game before 2020.

A number of rumors are currently doing rounds on the internet which suggest that Rockstar might come forward with some updates regarding the game at the upcoming Electronic Entertainment Expo event which is scheduled to be held in the oncoming month. The event will kick-off on June 14 and will continue till June 16. It will be held in Los Angeles, California.

It has come to light that Rockstar is currently busy with a number of projects. Apparently, the company is working on the development of several games that will be released in the future. Some rumors related to the upcoming game claims that it might come with a retro theme.

It is one of the suggestions that fans have come forward with regarding the game. Apparently, they want the developers to incorporate a theme which would reflect the corruption in government and the mafia activities that existed during the 70s.

Some other rumors related to the game suggested that it might feature more missions in water and air than that of land missions. However, there has been no confirmation about these claims and it is unlikely to happen. There could be some water and air-based missions in the game, though. However, the majority of the missions is going to be on the land itself.

Leslie Benzies, the former President of Rockstar North had earlier stated that the developers had ample ideas for the next GTA game. It will be interesting to see how those ideas are incorporated into Grand Theft Auto 6.

It should be mentioned here that Leslie Benzies resigned from Rockstar North sometime back and his departure could be a blow to the development of the next GTA game. There are also reports which state that Rockstar has been sued to the tune of $150 million by Benzies.

He is of the opinion that since he is no longer a part of Rockstar North, the developers should not be using his ideas and concepts for the next GTA game.

This could lead to further delay as if indeed the rumor is true, the developers will be forced to come up with brand new ideas and concepts for the game. Inevitably, this would affect the development process and would further delay the release of the game.

It has been seen that GTA 5 was an immensely successful title in the entire GTA lineup. The number of copies of GTA 5 that have been sold on a global basis is a whopping 65 million. The latest stats show that during the period of the past 3 months, the game has sold 5 million units.