Jaden Smith Plans to Disappear Forever, Shows off His Amazing Skateboarding Skills!

Jaden Smith is quite notorious for wearing dresses and skirts. The latest career move by Jaden Smith has actually overshadowed his acting career, which looked quite promising, with movies like The Pursuit of Happiness and Karate Kid, where he starred alongside the famous Jackie Chan.

He has become the face of popular fashion brands with his tendency of wearing skirts and dresses. Jaden sports gender fluidity, which in turn, is his trademark.

However, in the future, this could stop him from soaring into new heights. In fact, he could do the opposite and simply disappear for good. Jaden Smith disclosed his plans for future recently and according to him, he wishes to leave the public eye for good.

According to The Examiner, the 17-year-old actor recently spoke about his life and career under the spotlight. Ever since he was a young boy, the spotlight has been focused on him, especially since he is the child of the very talented Will Smith.

He ended up making fashion headlines with his style trends and choices. WDC noted that Jaden Smith has already devised his 10-year plan. Jaden said that the most influential thing that ever happened to him for himself was being born.

He has plans of never being seen again till he is 30 years old. He further explained why he had chosen to show himself in unique and unconventional ways.

It is because he chooses to live his life in the way that he lives now. By the time he turns 30, he will be completely gone and it would be a mystery as to what he is doing and where he lives.

Jaden didn’t disclose as to what he plans to do after disappearing but his family will not be holding him back. As of now, he is busy enjoying beliefs and gender fluid styles.

You cannot deny the fact that Jaden Smith is a talented rapper and an actor. He took a break from his entertainment work and was seen boasting his skateboarding chops.

He was spotted on Friday, in Calabasas, California. The 17-year-old son of power couple Will and Jada Pinkett Smith looked quite cool as he skateboarded his way around, in the sunshine.

He wore a navy checkered jacket with a torn black top and gladly showed off his hidden talent. He was wearing a pair of navy joggers which were cuffed around the ankles. He also displayed his navy lace-up trainers and baby pink sock.

His long locks were on and off his face and he looked quite busy with his skateboarding tricks. During some moments, he ran with his skateboard in hand, from one place to another. Jaden Smith is quite the fashionista since he soon changed his outfit, showing off a more vivid and bold display.

He was wearing cropped black trousers along with Nike trainers below a mustard-yellow colored Arizona State sweater. It was obviously more comfortable and he kept showing off his skills. He kept entertaining himself with the board but from the looks of it, he was unaccompanied.

Jaden is highly interested in 21-year-old Sarah Snyder, a model by profession. He earlier used to date Vanessa Hudgens’ little sister, Stella. They have been dating for a year but during the start of the month, he put up a loving display during the Balmain after-party.

In her gold shimmering minidress, the beautiful Sarah looked quite stunning and she showed off her awesome runway model physique. Jaden was looking slick in his collarless suit jacket which came with white detailing and Sarah soon cozied up to him.