Trailer for Secrets and Lies Season 2 Released, Andrea Cornell to Take Over the Mysterious Homicide Case, And More

In the first Season 2 Secrets and Lies trailer, Michael Ealy has been identified to the number one suspect in a gruesome murder. The first preview of the revamped Secrets and Lies was revealed by ABC at the Upfronts presentation. Eric Warner found himself in the crosshairs of a police probe when his wife, played by Jordana Brewster, turns out to be dead.

Juliette Lewis is again on this case and she reprises her role as Detective Andrea Cornell from the first season of Secrets and Lies. The new case has already taken the center stage and this follows the departure of Ryan Philippe. It occurred during the aftermath of the mystery in Season 1 being solved. The show will air on Sundays, during this fall, on ABC.

With the trailer for Season 2 being released, it seems like the upcoming season will be as addictive as the first one. Kate Warner was pushed off a roof during a party where her husband Eric was being honored.

Eric was taking control of his father’s company. Eric has been grieving about his wife but he is still targeted as the prime suspect of this murder. Amanda, his lawyer sister warns him about it, right from the beginning.

While the investigation continues, new clues will keep surfacing. They might indicate that Eric had his reason for murdering his wife, especially considering the fact he comes to know something about his wife. In the trailer, Cornell asks whether Eric knew about his wife withdrawing 100,000 dollars. He acts surprised and asks what.

However, he knows that Cornell is on him and expects to put him in cuffs soon enough. He knows of her past which resulted in innocent men going to prison. As a result, Eric needs to launch his own investigation into the matter.

He needs to find out what really happened and why Kate withdrew such a huge sum of money. However, digging into that matter could make him appear guiltier. He says that no matter how much they dig, they will never find any proof linking him directly to his wife’s murder.

Fans of Secrets and Lies, ABC’s popular murder mystery anthology series, cannot wait any longer for the episodes of Season 2. In the series, Ryan Phillipe plays the role of Ben Crawford but he will not be returning in the next season, according to reports from The Wrap.

The actor declared that he is delighted and excited about Season 2 and further congratulated his co-actors and the entire team, behind this exciting series. Phillipe mentioned that he will not be returning since the story which he played in the first season was completed and there’s no reason for him to make a comeback.

During an interview with Variety, Barbie Kligman, the series creator said that Secrets and Lies is a great series and every season, it focus on new stories to be told. This further means the introduction of new characters as well. She mentioned that Phillipe had signed a one-season deal. Therefore, it is natural that the actor won’t be reprising his role in Season 2.

The summer premiere dates were recently released by ABC. It features a lot of game shows, various upcoming award ceremonies and a TV series which remains absent. Fans really hoped that ABC would announce the exact return of Secrets and Lies Season 2.

According to conventional wisdom, being kept off schedule for months on end is certainly not good news. A show must really have an intense fandom in order to keep the fans hooked. Or else, people will simply fill the gaps left by these not-so-popular shows.