Trailer for Secrets and Lies Season 2 Released, Andrea Cornell to Take Over the Mysterious Homicide Case, And More

Season 1 of Secrets and Lies did quite good but it wasn’t a major success or a big hit. During the TCA Winter tour of January, the network was pretty excited regarding Secrets and Lies.

Therefore, it is impossible that the network will simply shut it down. With rumors suggesting a fall release, that would be the best time for this show to re-appear. In the summer, people are busier with less TV. However, once kids get back to school and families go back to their daily routines, people start anticipating the fall TV season.

With the trailer already released, fans are pretty excited and want the second season to release as fast as possible. However, showrunners have their own stipulated time to consider so it’s not like fan expectations will make them release it earlier. This is simply not possible.

While fans keep waiting for the next season, they will think about the murderer responsible for Kate’s death. Eric Warner is about to take part in a rather intense emotional roller-coaster ride.

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