Jaden Smith Plans to Disappear Forever, Shows off His Amazing Skateboarding Skills!

However, Snyder wasn’t given a ticket for the Met Ball but his younger sister Willow, aged 15, received one. She rivaled her brother with his unique fashionable look. She was looking quite amazing with her long form-fitted dress, splattered with white spots.

Jaden’s career is blossoming. He is balancing his acting career with his love life and family affairs. He will reprise the role of Dre Parker in the upcoming 2017 movie, Karate Kid 2.

Jaden Smith and Shawn Mendes are two 17-year-old heartthrobs but there’s only one crown, the crown of Prom King of 2016.The annual

The annual Prom King and Queen competition by Pop Crush will continue into its second round. Young Hollywood’s finest are going head to head in a fight that will determine the Prom King of this year.

The fight soon began and Jaden Smith immediately trumped Ross Lynch, the R5 star, with 54.7% of the vote. Shawn Mendes got a strong lead of over 61%, beating his fellow Vine pal, Cameron Dallas. Both of them have strong fan bases but only one will go to the final round.

In earlier times, if a young black man was seen wearing a dress, well that would have been the end of his career. However, Jaden Smith did it with his gender fluidity and ended up creating a profitable brand.

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