Latest Rumors and Updates On GTA 6, Rockstar Might Reveal Details About the Game at The E3 2016, Features Osama Bin Laden!

Thus, it can be stated that the game is still quite popular among gamers. It is likely that the developers would want to reap the maximum revenue they can from the game before introducing another title. Which means that they might not release another GTA game until and unless the sales of GTA 5 shows a considerable downward trend.

As for the map of the game, some previous reports suggested that the developers would incorporate Tokyo into GTA 6. However, the road system of the city is so complex that the developers had to eventually ditch the idea.

Other reports state that the map of the game would be huge and the developers will be creating it by combining all the maps of the previously released GTA games. A teleportation facility might also be included which would facilitate traveling to distant places on the map at the blink of an eye.

A rather bizarre rumor that is doing rounds on the internet claims that the game might feature Osama Bin Laden! There is no official backing behind the claim, however, many fans are of the opinion that players might be seen going up against the infamous terrorist and his men in the upcoming GTA game.

Stay tuned for more update on GTA 6.