Star Wars Episode 7 Spoilers Revealed, New iOS Card Game Introduces Latest Characters!

All the new cards were seen in last December and names were given to the characters set to be introduced in The Force Awakens. Due to the digital collectibles, people are now aware that the ball Droid is called BB-8, and the person with the much controversial triple-pronged lightsaber is Kylo Ren. Meanwhile, Daisy Reedley’s speeder riding character is known as Rey. The rest of the members in the roster will be released with classic characters.

Some special edition cards will also receive certain flashy effects. If you pull out a shiny Yoda from your pack, a visual flourish and the sound of the blaster bolt will follow. The developers have indicated that new content released in Star Wars Episode 7 will be added in the future. However, the card already features short biographies regarding the Star Wars characters. Hence, it could turn out to be the first place where fans discover official information regarding new faces in the movie. However, you may need to spend some cash in order to get hands-on information, regarding the latest characters.

Stay tuned for more updates on Star Wars Episode 7!