Apple iOS Jailbreak Still Unavailable for 8.2 Update, Meanwhile, iOS 8.3 could Release Soon!

Presently, Apple has been busy with the release of their latest mobile operating system, the IOS 8.2. However, a jailbreak is not currently available, and fans are treading lightly with reports of the impending 8.3 update releasing soon. The 8.2 update was launched last week in order to fix several bugs that occurred ever since the launch of IOS 8 and IOS 8.1.3. These problems include app lag, random freezing, FaceTime and iMessage not working along with audio issues and much more. However, just like any software upgrade, IOS 8.2 also comes with certain inherent issues.

First and foremost, the latest 8.2 upgrade does not deal with the severe Wi-Fi problem that users have been complaining about, ever since the launch of IOS 8 last year. The experiences have been so bitter that users have codenamed it as ‘WiFried’. Due to this issue, the users faced dropping and completely refused connections on the Wi-Fi networks. On top of that, a severe battery drain within a period of 4-6 hours was also reported. In the meantime, these problems haven’t been addressed with the 8.2 update. However, it seems that Apple is aware of these consistent issues and will be fixing it soon with the 8.3 update.

Meanwhile, a new app was introduced for iOS 8.2, specifically designed for the upcoming Apple Watch. This particular update could potentially become a piece of bloat-ware if you don’t have any plans of acquiring the Watch. However, if you are planning to get the Apple Watch, this new app will have your devices ready to receive it.

Other than this, an upgrade to HealthKit was also introduced. In the meantime, a jailbreak for the new operating system is not available yet. Experts believe that a jailbreak won’t be seen until after the completion of the 2015 Mobile Security Summit, scheduled on 27th March. The release should be just around the corner, so the users don’t need to wait really long.