Ariana Grande Almost Dies At Kansas City, Big Sean Pens Down A Song!

Ariana Grande almost died!! Yes, you read that right. The 21-year-old singer told her crew after the grand opening of her The Honeymoon Tour. She was caught in a lift that malfunctioned during her performance at Kansas City. In spite of the scare on stage, the singer kept on singing, realising that the show must go on.

In a behind the scene video clip with Yahoo, after her opening night, Ariana narrated the incident to her colleagues and friends. She was completely moved by the scare and kept on telling that she could have died. Her colleagues re-enacted how she smartly overcame the crisis and kept on singing Love Me Harder.

The lift was supposed to take her up in a wooden platform during her performance of Love Me Harder. The cable snapped and made her platform tilt. Hanging on to her dear life, Ariana grabs the metal rods overhead as the lift keeps moving down, to avoid herself from falling off and getting crushed.

She was rescued by Ruff, a guitar technician and a member of Ariana’s crew. Ruff explains how he rescued the singer in the behind the scene video. The fans in her audience never understood what was happening back-stage, just that, it took Ariana Grande a long time to come up on stage after the song started.

Although she was scared and shaking, the singer never lost her composure or drop the mic during the performance.

There with her on the opening night was her half brother Frankie Grande. The 32-year-old was seen in a colourful outfit that matched his personality. He had on a green pair of shoes and an orange mohawk. He was spotted outside the venue and then later returning with some food.

Ariana Grande and Big Sean are one of the hottest pairs in the music industry, and the two of them can’t keep their hands of each other. It seems that Big Sean has gone a step ahead in his new song ‘Stay Down’ to talk about Ariana Grande’s privates, and it looks like she is cool with the words being featured in his next hit.