Thor 3: Ragnarok Might Be the End for Thor and Loki, Renner Backs Out!

One of the most anticipated films from Marvel Cinematic Universe is Thor 3: Ragnarok. The buzz for the third installment of Thor is already on the internet even when there’s still time for the film to actually go on to the floors.

There’s a lot of speculation about the storyline and characters and the ending of Thor 3 that’s matching up to the buzz surrounding The Avengers: Age of Ultron, which is in its post production phase.

The Thor 3’s possible plot was the talk of the town and speculations have picked up after the supposed title for the film has been revealed. “Ragnarok” indicates that there will be evil things happening in Asgard. In traditional Norse mythology, the term “Ragnarok” means apocalypse. Thor 3 could see some apocalyptic occurings that might lead to the destruction of Asgard and the end of the gods; subsequently the end of Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and Loki (Tom Hiddleston).

Thor 2 ended with Thor refusing Odin’s request to come back to Asgard and take the throne. He is unaware that the Odin he spoke to was actually his brother, Loki, in disguise. Loki is ruling Asgard from behind the scenes. Loki is given a very ambiguous character in the film, where viewers will be left wondering what he is up to and will not be able to guess his next move.

There is a twist that seems to be developing in Thor 3: Ragnarok. Wil Moss, the editor of Marvel, has sparked off some debate about a female Thor in the future. He said that Thor’s hammer has an inscription that states, whoever holds the hammer and is found worthy, will possess the power of Thor. The hammer states that the successor would be a man, but it’s time to change that given the woman power we see rising in the Marvel Universal with characters like Black Widow, Captain Marvel and Storm. The Goddess of Thunder, who comes next, will not be a substitute, but the “real Thor”.