Ariana Grande Almost Dies At Kansas City, Big Sean Pens Down A Song!

The couple is yet to come out in the public with their relationship, and Big Sean comes out with such explicitly private details about Ariana Grande. Critics have lashed out the couple and have pointed out how stupid this manoeuvre makes them seem. People are also kept asking if Ariana is okay with her name being attached in anything that can get her publicity.

Ariana Grande and Big Sean have done the stupidest of things, like the lyrics of the ‘Stay Down’ song, but they also set relationship goals for young couples worldwide. The two have been dating for a very long time now, and they have said the phone calls and Skype keep their long distance relationship going.

The superstars recently shared a video on their respective Instagram accounts of a secret handshake that the two had created. The video shows the two inside a car and doing the secret handshake and sealing it with a kiss.

After Kansas City, the Bang-Bang hit-maker performs at Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Saint Paul in Minnesota. Ariana then hits Paris and other European countries after finishing her United States tour.