Spoilers of Episode 5 in The Bachelorette 2016, Jojo Gets Cozy with Luke in Episode 3, Part 2!

In the rose ceremony, is it possible that Chad might get a rose because JoJo likes bad boys or will she give it to him because the producers asked her to? The drama level on the show could increase if she doesn’t give him the rose.

Meanwhile, everyone needs to pack up for a special trip to Bali. Sadly, the guys meet JoJo in a new place which is not at all Bali. It is actually Pennsylvania. JoJo has her one on one with Luke, it’s clear he won’t be wining or else Luke would have received more air-time before this.

After they ride on a dog sled, JoJo asks him to chop some wood before they finally get into the wood-fire hot tub. The hot tub is a little too hot for JoJo and Luke gradually helps lower her in while grabbing her butt once, in the process, well, Attaboy Luke! JoJo admits that Luke is a really beautiful looking GQ model but she wants to know him better.

If Luke wants to stay in the game, he needs to deal out a story regarding some past trauma that is still haunting him. Meanwhile, over dinner, JoJo says that she had immediately developed a proper chemistry with him.

In other news, Chris Lambton, former Bachelorette contestant and his wife, Peyton, former Bachelor contestant, are expecting their first child.

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