Spoilers of Episode 5 in The Bachelorette 2016, Jojo Gets Cozy with Luke in Episode 3, Part 2!

ABC’s reality show The Bachelorette aired double episode last week which means that there will be no new episode on Monday. However, there are some fresh new details to keep fans hooked.

Chad’s true colors were finally seen by Jojo during their two-on-one date. Chad has already been given a second chance, JoJo finally send decided to send him packing.

However, Chad wasn’t ready to go home yet. In Tuesday’s special episode, we witnessed the chilling footage of him returning to the house. A TV Guide synopsis for Episode 5 shows that the men will be confronted by Chad after he failed to get the two-on-one date rose. The question is what does he wish to gain from it?

His ultimate motive is unclear but we should keep in mind that earlier, he threatened that he would get violent with the other guys, if need be. It seems like the situation will be resolved soon enough all the 11 bachelors will be heading to Uruguay in order to continue their journey of finding love with JoJo.

Sadly for JoJo, Chad’s departure doesn’t mean that there will be any less drama in the house. According to the latest reports, one of the suitors will actually defend himself against insulting gossip. JoJo, in the meantime, will find herself thrust into the middle of a controversy.

The men will be questioning her regarding a tabloid report of JoJo being on the show for all the wrong reasons. JoJo will need to defend herself against rumors suggesting her dating Nick Viall. After filming for The Bachelorette ended, there were rumors that she has gotten back with her ex-boyfriend.

All these rumors were cleared by her in May and she further told E! Online that while pursuing Ben Higgins, starring on The Bachelorette 2016 was not even on her radar. In episode 5, JoJo will have to argue her case against the men.

In Episode 3 part 2, we saw that Chris Harrison was asking Chad to fix up his relationship with the other guys, during the end of the episode. He walks shirtless into the house. He and Evan start arguing about who was disrespectful to whom and then it finally tapers off since the producers probably considered it boring.

JoJo joins the pool party, all sexy and glorious. She takes her shirt off and joins them in her bikini top. Well, JoJo is fun as well as hot and she frolics with the guys while taking shots with them.Everyone gets their share of fun. JoJo can be seen making out with the ex-footballer Jordan and it is clear that she is falling for him.

She wonders if he is into her in the same manner that she’s into him. Due to this, he starts worrying that he isn’t vulnerable enough for her. Well, he has been worrying rightfully since not being vulnerable in The Bachelorette is equal to getting murdered on the show.

JoJo is told by the guys that there is a security guard in the house due to Chad and JoJo is definitely upset by this. There is an altercation between Chad and another guy where Chad says that just because some guy like him stole his girlfriend, that wasn’t him. Sadly, he’s self-doubt is clearly noticeable. Some other guy notices that Chad could be here for all the wrong reasons.