Premiere for The Last Ship Season 3 Delayed Following the Orlando Shooting, Captain Chandler to Mix Business with Love in Asia, And More!

The premiere date for The Last Ship Season 3 was changed following the recent Orlando shooting incident. The episode is supposed to show a gunman shooting inside a Vietnamese night club and the TNT producers didn’t feel it was right to depict the episode so close to the traumatic incident that has shaken the country and the whole world.

TNT has come out with an official statement where they have explained their decision to not go ahead with the premiere of The Last Ship Season 3 on the stipulated date. They explained that they didn’t think it was right to feature an episode with a similar incident when the families of the victims are trying to come to terms with the shooting.

According to Inquisitr, the premiere date for the Last Ship Season 3 has been changed to 19th June from the previously decided, 12th June. After the Orlando shooting in the nightclub Pulse, where 50 people were killed and 53 patrons left badly injured, there was a general sentiment that The Last Ship Season 3 will be scrapped off. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

The primary reason for the rumor of the entire season being scrapped rose since there is a lot of similarities between the recent shooting and the plot of the series. The third season will show a shooting similar to that in Pulse and it will also include a hostage situation. TVLine has reported that the shooting and the hostage situation will trigger a major arc for the rest of the season.

Given the impact of the Orlando shooting, TNT has further decided to change their decision and has pushed the premiere date for Murder in the First. The premiere of The Last Ship Season 3 has been pushed to the 26th of June. They had previously postponed it to the 19th, but did not feel that the time was right to go ahead with the episode.

The whole world and particularly the people in Orlando were trying to come to terms with the sudden murder of singer, Christina Grimmie, who was shot by Kevin James Loibl as she was signing autographs after her performance. Loibl’s reason for killing The Voice alum wasn’t clear and before the city could figure out what had happened, Omar Marteen went ahead and shot people inside Pulse, in what is considered to be the worst mass killing in the history of the country.

The Last Ship Season 3 is going to be an interesting one. The Vietnamese killing would trigger a plot that would lead to several more threats and from what can be understood from the official synopsis, there is going to be a lot of drama that will unfold with regard to new enemies and virus mutations.

The President will also be in a tight position since he will be expected to follow a certain line when he doesn’t clearly see it.

When Michener (Mark Moses) had come to power in the last season of The Last Ship, the viewers had felt that it was the right move. The viewers might still be in favor of him, but they have to understand that he is a little weak and this isn’t the world for the weak.

According to CarterMatt, Michener will be tested in The Last Ship Season 3 and he will not be the only one. There is a chance that Captain Tom Chandler (Eric Dane) and the rest of the crew on the USS Nathan James will go through the same experience.