Will Valve Surprise the Fans with Half-Life 3? Others Feel That the Company Has Moved On!

Valve is being very quiet about Half-Life 3 while the fans of the game franchise wonder if Half-Life 3 is on the cards. In spite of so much buzz surrounding the next installment of the game, there is no information coming out from the developers.

Now with the E3 right around the corner, the fans are hopeful that the Expo would throw some light on the impending fate of Half-Life 3.

Half-Life 2 was released back in 2009 and it is time that the developers at Valve bring out the third installment for the fans of the game. Christian Times reported that there has been a sudden burst of interest on Half-Life 3 since Express revealed that the developers have started revealing some of the character names from Half-Life 3.

It was reported that there are going to be three male characters – a comic book nerd, Keenan a gangster named Irvin, and a martial arts fighter, Garrett Jr. The character of Katherine is going to be the only female character.

The Electronic Entertainment Expo is one of the most coveted event for the developers and Valve might be looking forward to redeeming themselves since they have been under attack from the critics for the slow rate at which they have been bringing out games. There are fans who are hoping that Half-Life 3 and Left 4 Dead 3 are going to be announced at ongoing event.

Neuro Gadget has reported that it looks like Half-Life 3 is under development and this is why the developers are being so hush hush about it. 2018 is going to mark the 20th year since the franchise was unveiled and the fans of the franchise are sure that Valve is going to plan something great for the occasion.

This immediately draws the fans of the franchise to the launch of HTC Vive where the chairwoman of the company had made a comment that hinted at them working on Half-Life.

This comment was retracted immediately and Valve’s CEO, Gabe Newell said that there is no more games from the franchise on the pipeline, but they would make a classic game from Half-Life if the internal team is interested on it.

The fans are now starting to lose hope since it’s been a long time since the last game from Half-Life was released and most of the original developers have already left the company. In fact, Marc Laidlaw, the man who had penned down Half-Life has resigned from Valve.

Now if Valve does announce something then the game is going to released somewhere around 2018 and if it doesn’t then the players will have to move on and start looking for something new.

The company has surely moved on. Gabe Newell himself said that they will look to make a classic rendition of Half-Life if the internal wants to go that way, but then he doesn’t think the decision to be a practical one. The company will then have to ignore whatever they have learnt at Portal 2 and stop converting all the updates to the multiplayers side.

The few hopeful souls are hoping that the VR headsets can be used to give a new life to Half-Life 3. The developers need to take advantage of a next generation setting and use a game that is as popular as Half-Life. With the mention of Half-Life during the launch of HTC Vive had given rise to a lot of expectations.