Will Valve Surprise the Fans with Half-Life 3? Others Feel That the Company Has Moved On!

Valve has always been the one to take a step to try something new and they have made quite a name for themselves with Counter Strike, DoTA 2 and other popular titles. The possibility of the company incorporating one of its most popular game title in the VR seemed possible, but now with no information on the same for a long time, the fans are starting to lose hope.

Valve, seems to have lost interest in Half-Life. It had announced Half-Life 2: Episode 3 back in 2007 and the game was given an estimated holiday season release. It has still not been released!

According to Christian Today, Valve has lost interest on the old game and now with most of the team and the writers leaving the company, it doesn’t want to go down that path again.

With no concrete news coming their way and with Newell hinting at the company making Half-Life 3 if the internal team wants to head that way, there are some who will believe in the fact that Valve is going forward with the third installment, until told otherwise.

They are going to find out if Valve has a major surprise or disappointment planned for them at the E3 2016.

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