Spoilers Fro Season 4 Of Chicago P.D., Voight to be in an Unstable State of Mind, New Character to Be Brought in as Replacement for Sean Roman!

Kim Burgess, played by Marina Squerciati was his partner and love interest, and before leaving, Roman asked her to come with him. However, she turned down the offer and Roman left alone, leaving Kim behind.

Roman’s departure will definitely affect Kim since the two were deeply in love. Matt revealed that they have plans to keep the character busy with her work in the upcoming season, instead of letting her deal with a broken heart. She will be out of the dating scene for the time being.

The departure of Roman means that the department is one officer short and someone will be roped in his place as a replacement. Matt revealed that they have been discussing the traits that the new character should possess to fit in as the replacement of Roman.

One of the important things that the showrunners are keeping in mind is that the character should be able to develop a positive chemistry with Roman’s ex-partner Kim Burgess. Fans should be able to accept the character as the replacement of Roman.

Matt stated- “So we want to have someone come in who brings wind to the sails of the show.” He added that the new character should be able to gel well with Kim, so that their pairing becomes acceptable.

Chicago P.D. will likely get back on TV this Fall.

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