Finance and Felony DLC Rolled Out for GTA 5 Online, A Quick Look at The Various Vehicles of the New Expansion Pack!

GTA 5 was released back in 2013 and its online multiplayer mode is dubbed as GTA 5 Online. The online version of the game has become extremely popular among fans and Rockstar has been rolling out new content for this particular version of the game on a regular basis.

The game is set to receive yet another DLC which is titled Finance and Felony. It was released for the Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4. A brand new trailer for this DLC has also been released by Rockstar.

Various reports suggest that in this expansion pack, players will be able to create their own criminal organizations. They will have the chance to rise to the very top of the organization and indulge in selling and buying of contraband materials in the Los Santos city.

Some new missions and modes will be incorporated into the game via the update. Players will become the CEO of the crime organizations that are created by them.

In the trailer that was released for the DLC, it was seen that a warehouse will be used to store the contraband materials and players will be able to run their criminal activities from a brand new HQ.

It will also bring in a host of new vehicles to the game. Some of the new vehicles that the update will bring along include- Benefactor SUV, Windsor Enus, Pegassi Reaper, Vapid, and Grotti. Along with these vehicles, an armored truck and a tugboat will also get incorporated into the game.

As for the high-end cars, the Windsor Enus shown in the video is white in color and it will come with a roof that is convertible. The Benefactor SUV looks like a robust vehicle which has the capability of taking a lot of damage.

The Vapid that appears in the video is green in color and the Grotti is red. As for the Pegassi Reaper, the car has already made an appearance in the game in the past. However, the one that will be introduced through the latest update will be blue in color.

A brand new private jet and a business helicopter were also spotted in the video. However, it is quite likely that both these aerial vehicles will come with massive price tags.

As for the tugboat, it will have three levels of deck. Renowned YouTube MrBossFTW has come up with a video which gives us a glimpse of the locations at which the tugboat can be found. It has been reported that players will be able to come across the tugboat at the Elysian Island. It can also be found off the port area at Los Santos.

The one that can be seen at the port appears to be undergoing some kind of maintenance. A set of three flags can be seen inside the cabin of the captain. One of the flags is that of the Port Authority of Los Santos. As for the other two, one is yellow and the other one is white.

Apparently, a similar boat can be found submerged underwater by players who make use of the underwater mod. A body of a girl who has been murdered can be found cemented right next to the boat. On the sunken boat, the word Olifantus can be seen. Thus, the fans are dubbing this new boat Olifantus, as it is similar to the one that is submerged underwater.

MrBossFTW is of the opinion that the players will not be able to drive the tugboat. Instead, it will be the non-playable characters that will be driving it. At other times, the boat will be left idle and it will be seen drifting away on the water.