Finance and Felony DLC Rolled Out for GTA 5 Online, A Quick Look at The Various Vehicles of the New Expansion Pack!

In other news related to the upcoming expansion pack, certain rumors are doing rounds which suggest that Liberty City might be making a comeback to the game through the update. Apparently, some leaked images from the DLC have sparked off this rumor.

The person who leaked the images reportedly has the name of Adrian Page. Now, an artist by the name of Adrian Page does work for Rockstar Games and this has added fuel to the rumors regarding the comeback of Liberty City.

However, there has been on official backing behind these claims and it could be that the whole thing is nothing but a hoax.

A renowned website reports that the GTA 5 Online is currently losing players. A graph that has been presented by MrBossFTW shows that around 300,000 players used to play the game just after its release.

With time the number increased and at its peak, GTA 5 Online had 360,000who logged onto the PC version of the game. However, reports state that the graph is recently showing a downward trend which means that lesser number of players are currently playing the game. It appears that fans have become bored with GTA 5 Online.

Stay tuned for more update on GTA 5 Online.