Chet’s Entry Will Bring in Some More Drama to UnReal Season 2, Rachel Starts Manipulating Like Quinn, Race Issue Dealt With!

UnReal was a winner in the first season. The viewers weren’t very sure about the kind of scope that the series had, but the Lifetime comedy with its dark behind-the-scene offering on power game in reality television, completely took them by surprise.

Produced by Sarah Gertrude Shapiro and Marti Noxon, the series brings in some interesting key points that hold a mirror to the moral metrics of the society at large.

UnReal Season 2 is back and it has started with a bang from the premiere. The viewers saw Rachel (Shiri Appleby) calling the shots in the dating game, Ever Lasting. She has already made some nemeses for herself and has terrorized the new girl in the production team.

The first season ofUnReal had already brought to light the insensitive and dark world of reality television and the second season premiere dives right back in.

The premiere episode sees Quinn (Constance Zimmer) trying to bring in a new suitor for the reality dating game, Ever Lasting. She has her eyes set on Darius Hill (B. J. Britt), a quarterback for a football team. It isn’t his status as the pro quarterback that is important here. What is important is that he is the first black quarterback in the history of his team.

The network president doesn’t quite seem to get the whole idea that has gotten Quinn so excited. Quinn knows that the main power and leverage that the suitor will enjoy is that he is black and this is going to make it an interesting watch for the viewers. With this event, UnReal Season 2 tries to highlight the way in which the world of reality television works.

Race is always a sensitive issue, but it isn’t going to be so for UnReal Season 2. It uses the idea to highlight the bad. Rachel and Quinn can’t stop gushing about how great it is to have a black guy in the lead of their reality show and this sends home the point that every network believes in the same, when they try to zero down on a particular actor.

UnReal Season 2 points out to what extent the network can stoop, in order to get the TRP that they are looking for. Rachel seemed to have had a lot of issue with the way in which Quinn would work in order to get more TRP, but she seems to be heading the same way now that she is running the show for Ever Lasting.

Quinn had told Rachel in the finale of UnReal Season 1 that love isn’t something that is used to build life with and it looks like the two ladies have come to terms with the fact that what works for a better life is money and power. The two even end up tattooing this on their wrists.

Rachel has to go all out to make sure that Gary (Christopher Cousins) can be pleased enough. He doesn’t buy the fact that the black quarterback will help them get more TRP, but he does feel that an eclectic mix of some interesting women contestants will surely give the dating show the much needed boost.

UnReal Season 2 will see Rachel trying to find a racist woman, a black activist, a clergy and another contestant who has a terrorist in the family tree. While Rachel does end up finding these women, she has to try and convince them to be a part of her reality television show. This isn’t all, Rachel also has to convince Darius to be a part of the show.