Chet’s Entry Will Bring in Some More Drama to UnReal Season 2, Rachel Starts Manipulating Like Quinn, Race Issue Dealt With!

Darius is currently on a break and he would rather enjoy it in Cabo instead of living in a mansion where he is under constant surveillance. Entertainment Weekly reported that Rachel has become quite a manipulator and she smoothly gets Darius to agree to the plan.

Darius is already going through a rough patch since he had been caught calling a reporter, bitch, on television. This has disappointed his mother and the whole nation of America and Rachel tells him that the reality show will give a huge boost to his image.

UnReal Season 2 is going to pack in some interesting drama. According to International Business Times, Chet (Craig Bierko) is going to come back and will give his best to take the show away from Quinn and Rachel.

What will follow is that Quinn and Chet will start producing two different versions of the same show and will force the crew to take sides. Chet plans to make the Ever Lasting a sexy party themed show, while Quinn wants to make it look like a fairytale.

Rachel isn’t going to be pleased with the fact that Quinn is trying to take away her job as the showrunner of Ever Lasting and things will start to go wrong.

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