Spoilers Fro Season 4 Of Chicago P.D., Voight to be in an Unstable State of Mind, New Character to Be Brought in as Replacement for Sean Roman!

Chicago P.D. is an American police drama television series that has been created by Matt Olmstead and Dick Wolf. The show made its debut on NBC back in January 2014. The third season of the show came to an end some time back and it has already been renewed for a fourth season.

A number of spoilers for the upcoming season have started building up on the internet and some reports suggest that the anger of Voight, played by Jason Beghe, will continue in the next season. the reason for this anger is his son’s death.

Voight’s son Justin, played by Josh Segarra, was killed by a ruthless criminal in the previous season, and it was seen that Voight absolutely lost it after this incident.

He vowed vengeance and set forth on a mission on his own to hunt down his son’s killer. He managed to find the culprit and very nearly killed him too but was stopped by the others.

Matt Olmstead, the executive creator of Chicago P.D., stated that Voight’s mind will not be in the right place going into the fourth season. He will reportedly be in a dark place. He will have an unstable state of mind and thus, will be completely unpredictable.

All the members of his squad will be on a high-alert mode as they will have to watch over their boss and make sure that he is okay. Apparently, a different side of the character will be portrayed in the upcoming season.

The character of Lindsay, played by Sophia Bush will be the one to worry the most about Voight’s well-being. They are quite close to each other and Lindsay has always looked up to Voight as a father figure. She will try her best to stand beside him and comfort him in his bad time.

As for Lindsay, it is known that she had an intimate relationship with Jesse Lee Soffer’s Jay Halstead in the past. However, they separated when Voight told them that it was not right to maintain such a close relationship within the team.

That being said, their love for each other was seen re-igniting in the previous season. Lindsay was seen hitting rock-bottom during the beginning of the previous season and thus, Voight asked Jay to keep an eye on her. He also gave them the green light to continue their love affair.

Fans have been wondering if the relationship of Jay and Lindsay will reach new depths in the upcoming season. Matt Olmstead stated that the fans will be seeing more of the Jay-Lindsay relationship in the next season. He also revealed that the fans absolutely loved to see them together. Even the showrunners want them to be together.

He added that both Jay and Lindsay will be slowly moving close to each other once again. In his own words- “We want to have them move in together and just play the baby steps of what it’s like to live with someone [for] two very independent people who have always done their own thing.”

Their relationship will bring out a lighter tone to the upcoming season. It will be in stark contrast to the darker tone that will be incorporated by an enraged Voight.

It was seen in the previous season that Brian Geraghty’s Sean Roman decided to leave Chicago and head over to San Diego. He wanted to live a peaceful life in San Diego. He was injured during the 21st episode of the previous season and that was also one of the reasons behind his decision to leave the department.