Resident Evil 7 In Its Developmental Stages, Might Be Unveiled at The Upcoming E3 2016 Event, Will Go Back to Its Survival-Horror Roots!

Resident Evil 7 is going to be the next addition to Resident Evil franchise of survival-horror video games from the house of Capcom. A number of rumors regarding this game have started building up on the internet and it is being assumed that the game won’t be hitting the market before the oncoming year.

Dr. Serkan Toto, who seems to possess some kind of knowledge about the upcoming game recently took to social media that it is currently in its developmental stages. According to him, Jordan Amaro is going to design Resident Evil 7. Dr. Serkan Toto is the CEO of Kantan Games, which is a gaming industry based in Tokyo.

Jordan Amaro previously worked for Kojima Productions and he was hired by Capcom to specially work on Resident Evil 7. The developers will reportedly go back to the horror roots of the franchise for the upcoming game.

Some rumors that are currently floating around the internet suggest that there might be a delay in the release of the game. The reason behind this delay could be accounted to the fact that the developers are trying to make the game more advanced and give it a major overhaul in its graphics department. The game will reportedly provide a better gaming experience to fans compared to some of the recent games of the series.

Various reports state that Capcom might take the veils off of the game at the upcoming Electronic Entertainment Expo 2016 event which is scheduled to begin on June 14. It will be held in Los Angeles, California and will continue till June 16.

If indeed the game is unveiled at the upcoming event, it will not be the only Resident Evil game on the show. The remake of Resident Evil 2 will also be revealed by Capcom at the said event. Both the games are highly anticipated and is sure to cause a massive fan frenzy if they are rolled out together.

That being said, some experts are of the opinion that Capcom might abstain from releasing Resident Evil 7 at the E3 2016. Apparently, rolling out two games at the same time is not a good idea as chances are that fans will be torn up between the games and it will most likely have an adverse effect on the sales of both.

Apparently, Capcom will roll out Resident Evil 2 ahead of Resident Evil 7 to give it some breathing space of its own. Moreover, the extra time that the developers would get for resident Evil 7 will be utilized by them to farther fine tune and polish the game which would ultimately be beneficial for the fans.

As for the storyline, nothing much is known at this point of time. It was seen in Resident Evil 6 that the terrorist group Neo Umbrella was destroyed and the Ada Wong clone met its death. In that context, it can be stated that Resident Evil 7 will feature a new threat.

Resident Evil: Revelations 2 saw the return of Claire Redfield and some more of fan favorite characters of the franchise might be seen making their comebacks in Resident Evil 7. There is a chance that Claire might be seen working with Leon Kennedy, Sherry Berkin and Chris.

Microsoft and Sony will be holding their own conferences on Monday and Tuesday and it might be so that the first glimpses of the upcoming game will become available at aby of these two conferences. That apart, Capcom might make a detailed presentation of the game at the actual E3 2016 event.