Nicki Minaj Called Stupid by Joe Budden, Shares Racy Picture of Herself in A Lacy Bra On Instagram, Mariah Carey Disses Her Subtly!

Nicki Minaj is anAmerican singer, rapper and songwriter who was born on December 8, 1982. Nicki is currently doing the headlines because of her former boyfriend Safaree Samuels who has reportedly filed a lawsuit against her.

An early report stated that Safaree has been planning to sue Nicki MInaj claiming unpaid royalties. Apparently, he had made some contributions some of the albums of Nicki Minaj which includes the likes of Pink Friday, Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded and The Pinkprint.

Rumors had it that Safaree is in possession of ample proof that he was associated with the said albums and he has not been paid or credited for his contribution to them. However, Safaree was the executive producer of the first two albums of Nicki Minaj and he clearly received credits for his involvement in them.

Many people are of the opinion that Safaree is jealous because Nicki is currently dating rapper Meek Mill. He is trying to file the lawsuits deliberately to create problems in the life of Nicki. However, Safaree came forward and criticized those who are stating that Safaree is trying to extort Niki out of jealousy.

A lawsuit had already been filed by Safaree in the past and Nicki has served it. However, it seems that Safaree is not about to let her be in peace as he is planning to file another lawsuit against her.

Nicki Minaj slammed Safaree on social media and stated that she had already served up her lawsuit. She stated on that she was tired of her ex-boyfriend’s antics and how he has been victimizing her continuously.


She also stated that she had caught Safaree stealing and did not take any action. However, this time around she will not be keeping quiet about the whole matter. Here by my man she is referring to Meek Mill whom she is currently dating.

However, after being blasted by Nicki, Safaree Twitted back that he is not trying to file another lawsuit against her. He also stated that he was not miserable and is not trying to extort Nicki. Instead, he is trying more to focus on his own life and career.

In other news, Nicki Minaj has been called stupid by rapper Joe Budden. He stated that Nicki Minaj is stupid to have been dating Meek Mill. In the past Nicki Minaj referred to the podcast of Joe Budden as “your little podcast”.

Joe feels that she was trying to belittle his podcast and he stated that she sounded really stupid. He added that Meek Mill was stupid and thus he knows that Nicki Minaj is stupid too.

He went on to state that many prominent personalities are currently involved with podcasting and here Nicki was referring to Joe’s podcast as something puny. He is of the opinion that Nicki is unaware of the current conditions of the world and that is what makes her stupid.

Nicki Minaj was recently spotted sporting blonde hair at the Roots Picnic in Philadelphia which was held on June 5. Her boyfriend Meek Mill was also present at the spot. She posted a photo of herself wearing a Jumper and high boots. She revealed that the Jumper was by Balmain and her Boot was by Chanel. The bag that she was carrying was also from Chanel.

She has not actually dyed her hair blonde, instead, she was wearing a blonde wig. She was seen wearing her hair in a pony-tail. She also wore a red lipstick and eyeliner. Her cleavage-baring Jumper has been grabbing a lot of attention since its posting on social media.