Nicki Minaj Called Stupid by Joe Budden, Shares Racy Picture of Herself in A Lacy Bra On Instagram, Mariah Carey Disses Her Subtly!

Another recent image that has been posted by Nicki Minaj shows her in a bra. She was wearing a red lipstick and the bra in the mirror selfie in which she is looking extremely busty to say the least. The image was captioned with the word “congratulations”. However, whom she was congratulating and for what reason is not known at the moment.

She is holding her arm across her mid-section and her hair could be seen pulled to one side. The bra that she is wearing is a lacy one and it is blue in color. Needless to say, her ample assets take the center stage in the selfie. The tattoo on her right arm is also visible in the selfie.

It has been reported that Nicki Minaj was dissed by Mariah Carey during an interview with Andy Cohen. Both of them were judges on American Idol and they were seen clashing with each other on the show.

During the interview, Mariah subtly dissed out Nicki in a classic manner. She was asked by Cohen whether she would be able to state three nice things about Nicki. Mariah stared on blankly asked Andy back- whether he will be able to state three nice things about her, to which Andy replied with- “Sure”

Mariah then simply turned towards her drink and stated- “OK, go ahead! It’s your question.”

Stay tuned for more updates on Nicki Minaj.