Spoilers and Speculations on Tokyo Ghoul Season 3, A New Protagonist Could Appear!

Fans of Tokyo Ghoul are currently waiting for the release of Season 3 and they are excited to know that the upcoming season will introduce a new protagonist, named Haise Sasaki. Keep in mind that the 3rd season will be different from its manga counterpart. According to the latest reports, it will be based on the manga story arcs.

Vine Report revealed that the new lead character will be an avatar of Kaneki Ken since Sasaki’s hair design is quite similar to that of Ken. It includes a stroke of white and black color. The website reported that according to many fan speculations, Ken will lose his memory and surrender to CCG, the Commission of Counter Ghoul.

However, this theory is yet to be confirmed by any of the official sources. Breathecast also declared that Touka Kirishima could be the new protagonist, who visited To-Oh University instead of continuing his school, could also be the new protagonist. This university should sound familiar to fans of other popular anime series like Death Note.

The lead character of Death Note, Light Yagami, went to this university as well. It has been reported that Madhouse could be taking over Tokyo Ghoul production, starting from Season 3 and because of it, both Death Note and Tokyo Ghoul could be set in the same universe.

The new season might come with a new protagonist but fans are definitely longing to witness the return of older protagonists as well. The 3rd season premiere date is yet to be revealed. It is expected that this game will release during the second half 2016 or early 2017.

Meanwhile, fans are expecting a lot of new things to develop and be further added to the next sequel in this highly-anticipated anime series. The competitive nature of the anime industry was weathered by this franchise. If Tokyo Ghoul wishes to gain the top spot, it needs to dominate the small screens as well as the storyline.

Tokyo Ghoul has been running for two seasons and it has remained quite resilient in spite of its ups and downs.

With reports of a new character to be released, people are also speculating on the unprecedented storyline. A Game N Guide report talked about some possible outcomes for Tokyo Ghoul, especially considering Ken Kaneki’s true identity.

His identity has been questioned and rumors claim that Kaneki won’t be the true protagonist that enthusiasts have been waiting for. The same post also reported that the release of Season 3 for Tokyo Ghoul remains unspecified.

The creators of this series have remained quite silent regarding this matter. Fans have been reading a lot of things but any confirmation regarding the leaked details is yet to be seen. It will depend on how changes are rendered by the creators.

A report from Crossmap indicates that Season 3 of Tokyo Ghoul will release in winter along with a new mobile game application. Game Samba, a game developer and FUNimation, this anime’s American Licensing Company are currently collaborating on a mobile game based on Tokyo Ghoul.

Some fans think that this game being launched in winter doesn’t mean that Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 will premiere at the same time. The anime has already been delayed a couple of times. Reports indicate that the main reason for this delay isthe absence of original source material.

If the anime releases earlier than it should, the creative team behind it will have to add a lot of filler-story plotlines. However, fans could be disappointed the deviation of Season 2 from the manga storyline has already caused major annoyance among the fans of this series. There are already a lot of plot theories regarding Season 3.