Todd Howard Claims Bethesda Is Presently Working On Elder Scrolls 6, the Upcoming Installment Is a Long Way Off!

A lot of speculations regarding Elder Scrolls 6 suggested that it would be announced in September 2017. If you look at the pattern, you will see that Elder Scrolls titles are released every four years, disregarding the earliest games in this franchise. The release date has been pegged to be somewhere around 2019.

However, people will never lose interest in this title since it is a massively popular fantasy role-playing, open world game series. The games are quite friendly to mods and they encourage content made by the community.

If you consider all the character path options and he constantly changing storylines, you will find that the game offers a never-ending gameplay time. Moreover, the stories are different with every play-through. The community and the developers are looking at Elder Scrolls 6 as a continuation of elements introduced in Skyrim.

The game could be released as Skyrim 2. A recently released video comes with lots of insider information, a lot of speculation and a proper summarization of everything that is known about the upcoming Elder Scrolls title. Till now, the information available has been very negligible.

A job listing was noticed by game enthusiasts but it is no longer available at the moment. The job was regarding a position on the team responsible for the development of Elder Scrolls 6. For a long time, people have been expecting Elder Scrolls 6 to be announced or launched in E3 2016. However, E3 is here.

At E3, Todd Howard confirmed that Bethesda is indeed working on Elder Scrolls 6 but he said that it was quite a long way off. During the E3 Stream of YouTube Live, the boss man of Bethesda Game Studios confirmed that the company is working on three brand new projects and Elder Scrolls 6 is definitely one of them.

Howard explained that Elder Scrolls 6 has always been a big elephant in the room whenever they have talked about anything. He declared that it is good to inform the fans that they are indeed working on it.

The title is something they love but since it will release a long time later, he must be very cautious about what he says. He admitted that he could easily talk to people regarding this title but they would say that it sounds like Bethesda doesn’t even have the technology to develop this game. People are going to ask how long it will take.

The entire process will take a lot of time and what the developers have in mind regarding this title. The company has two other big projects to deal with and they are doing titles which are larger than anything else they have done in the past. Before Elder Scrolls 6 releases, people will start hearing about those. All of it will make sense a long time from now.

Howard explained that they think long-term whenever it comes to developing projects. He said that being an eminent developer, they will never rush a project like this. People have a really good idea regarding what this title will turn out to be in the near future.

However, it will take a lot of time and technology to go through with it. Howard was quite cagey when he was asked about the other two titles. Howard declared that he doesn’t wish to talk about it but people will know about the gap between people learning about it and finally releasing. The company wants this gap to be really short.