Spiderman: Marvel and Sony Unveil the Characters, Director and the Scriptwriter, More Details

The new Spiderman will be first seen in Captain America: Civil War. The story line from this upcoming Marvel film will carry on to the upcoming Spiderman film and fans will get a glimpse of Spiderman as he is preparing to be a superhero in the film.

According to IGN, Denis Leary said that there were some wild and interesting ideas that were being contemplated on while deciding on the plot for the next Spiderman film. How do you take the same old plot and make it different.

Leary said at the recently held San Diego Comic-Con that there was a plot angle where it was thought that Spiderman could use some power to bring the dead back from the past. Peter Parker has lost quite a few loved ones in his life, his parents, his uncle Ben, Gwen and Captain Stacy.

This angle of bringing the dead back would have given Captain Stacy an opportunity to come back stronger, but then they decided to stick to the regular story and view it from a different angle.

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