Spiderman: Marvel and Sony Unveil the Characters, Director and the Scriptwriter, More Details

Spiderman is coming back with a reboot and this time he is going to be a high-school student. Yes, that is true. The third reboot for Spiderman is confirmed and Sam Raimi is a happy man.

When he brought Spiderman to the big screen back in 2002 he never knew that Marvel would pick it and give the web-swinging hero a complete new look in a reboot. Spiderman 3 will not star Andrew Garfield in the lead, since this time round Spidey will be spending most of his time in school.

Sam Raimi is excited about the new take that Marvel has adopted. Spiderman is a super-hero whose charm lies in the fact that he is younger than most of the other superheroes and is only a high-school kid. This time the fans have something new to focus on in the same age-old story of Spiderman.

When Sam Raimi brought Spiderman to the silver screen in 2002, he had started with Peter Parker in high school, but that aspect of the story only served as the background. This time round, Marvel has decided to focus solely on this side and tell the tale of Spiderman from this aspect!

This time Spiderman while trying to fight crime and use his Spidey powers, will try to figure out how to get a photography internship at the local newspaper. The new Spiderman will also see J. Jonah Jameson try to tackle the changing trend in journalism.

Spiderman under Marvel will see a new dimension, however, there are reports that John Hughes is on board for the upcoming Spiderman movie and with him the fans will get to see a refreshing, but traditional look at Spiderman’s story instead of a completely new and modern take on the character.

Marvel is planning on including Spiderman in their Cinematic Universe and bringing him into the gambit of the Avengers. The earlier Spiderman movies were all hits, especially Amazing Spiderman, which saw Andrew Garfield play the role of the web-swinging superhero.

However, the episode of leaked emails made it very clear that Sony wasn’t very happy with the way the movie had been faring and they decided to team up with Marvel to give Spiderman an entirely new look and feel.

The previous Spiderman films focused on Peter Parker as he is graduating from high-school and showed the hero in his 20s, this time round, Marvel and Sony are both interested in focusing on Peter Parker who is way younger and is still a high school student and will be so throughout the film.

With the age limit coming into the picture, there was no chance of Andrew Garfield playing the role of Spiderman. Marvel and Sony have both viewed a lot of actors who would be fit to play the role of a high school kid and a web-swinging superhero with equal ease. It has been confirmed that Tom Holland will be playing the role of Spiderman in the upcoming film.

Sony and Marvel have decided that Jonathan M. Goldstein and John Francis Daley will be working on the script while the job of directing the movie has been given to John Watts. Daley and Goldstein are known for their top-notch work and by the looks of it, Spiderman is set to have a great script.

Marvel is going to make Spiderman an important part of their Cinematic Universe and Kevin Feige has reported that Marvel is going all out to make sure that Spiderman is given a completely new look so that he can be a part of the Avengers.